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Hi. I'm Massoud.

A Backend Developer.

I'm also a solution architect with a keen eye for designing workflows and bringing doodles to life.


Recent Projects


My favorite participation on the internet is a persian tutorial website that strives to make quality education for everyone. I believe sharing is loving, so I started DataGit in 2016 as my favorite tech stack was swinging around Python, JavaScript, and Node.js programming languages.



An intelligent asset management solution focusing on digitalization, OMNI can help financial services companies onboard and manage the customers in less time and provide investment recommendations based on the client's risk assessment within seconds.



An End-to-End Digital Customer Onboarding (e-KYC) solution for customers in Malaysia using Computer Vision technologies utilizing OpenCV and Tesseract. This product helps businesses capitalize on new business opportunities created by digitizing identity verification and business processes.

PythonComputer VisionDeep LearningBackend


It is ReGov’s Intelligent Contact Handling Assistant, a cloud-based conversational AI chatbot providing ability to understand new linguistic variants of intents focusing on the balance between security and user convenience.

PythonMachine LearningBackendCall Center

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